Sexy Little Pages

It is with a heavy heart I have closed Sexy Little Pages.

Sexy Little Pages' books have reflected a broad spectrum of sexuality and humanity and the support of authors, readers and editors alike has been phenomenal, beyond anything I could have hoped for. I've published first-time authors, long-term writers and more than anything, stories that are diverse and representative.

I've read millions of words of erotica, specifically for Sexy Little Pages. There are stories that have turned me on, made me laugh, cry, and most importantly, given me and countless others a safe place to explore, and be, ourselves.

However, over the past eighteen months I've faced a series of personal and health challenges and haven't been able to give Sexy Little Pages the attention it so desperately needs: authors aren't getting the financial recognition, or exposure, their work deserves.

Writers, keep writing.

Readers, keep reading and please, please, please, whatever else you do, leave reviews.

Anna Sky

P.S. There's loads of great, diverse erotica out there - have a look at SinCyr Publishing and Sinful Press.