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Sexy Little Pages is a sex-positive publishing venture supporting and promoting erotica authors and editors. As a society we’re ashamed of sex and sexuality but we should celebrate it. Sex is an integral part of life, whether it’s fun, filthy, flirtatious, unfulfilling, an escape from reality or something else entirely. Our needs, expectations and fantasies are all different so we aim to publish for everybody and every body, across the whole delicious spectrum of gender, ability, and desires.

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We publish a variety of unsolicited submissions, from short stories and collections through to novellas. We do consider reprints too, so if you’re looking to breathe new life into your back catalogue or launch your next release, get in touch.


Professional formatting for independent erotica authors to the same high standards we use in-house. Prices start at £25 for ePub (digital) files with discounts for multiple formats and bulk purchases.

Our Reviews

Erotic flash is one of those things that it’s good to have in the house. When you want a quick livener; when you’re waiting for your intended playmate to come out of the bathroom and do something wonderfully wicked with you, when you’ve just got five minutes to yourself or whatever, something you can swiftly dip into for a filthy fix is perfect, and The Alphabet Game certainly fits this category.

It’s introduced as something that started as a playful challenge between a couple of erotica writers who know each other well and, yes, there are one or two pieces that come across as a little self-indulgent and in-jokey, but the bulk of the book varies delightfully between the amusing, the arousing, the filthy and the emotionally resonant and memorable. Definitely worth checking out.

— The Alphabet Game, Amazon UK Review, 24 Mar 2016, 4/5