69Words Winners

Back before Christmas, we held an in-house competition for mini-stories. The rules were simple: stories must be exactly sixty-nine words in length.

Our advice was “make it bold, make it sexy, make it shocking… whatever you like!” And trust us, we were not disappointed!

All entries were received blind and Anna spent an evening with them printed out on paper, shuffling them around the floor in order to make final decisions.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sending out all entries on social media (Facebook and Twitter) using the #69words hashtag. Please retweet, share and let authors know what you think of their stories!

And, just so you know who you’re looking out for, the full list is:

  • Winner: HK Carlton – Born Again
  • 2nd Prize: Dee Maselle – Esprit
  • Runners Up (in no particular order):
    • Alain Bell – Silk
    • Annabeth Leong – Cruel to be Kind
    • Dee Maselle – Milk
    • Dee Maselle – Bush
    • Ella Grey – The Embrace
    • Hannah Lockhardt – Them
    • Leandra Vane – Roses
    • Lola Sparkles – Bass
    • Lola Sparkles – Wolf
    • Lola Sparkles – Sensation
    • Spencer Dryden – If Only
    • Zak Jane Keir – Four Seasons in One Lay
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    • We’ll be putting all the stories together but for now, you’ll have to check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts… trust us, it’s worth it 🙂

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