Author Focus: CM Peters talks about Rivals

What was your inspiration for your story?

Rivals, for the Love of the Game anthology edited by Harley Easton, was firstly inspired by my love of swimming. I feel at home in the water, but I have in no way the competitive talent Alec and Matt have.

I greatly enjoy watching swimming competitions, encouraging my favourite swimmers to perform. So when a sports anthology came up, I thought it was the best of both worlds; write a story about a sport I love with interesting characters seeing the competition differently, in and out of the pool.


To shut out the world, Alec chose to put in earphones with trance music to get his concentration back on track as he stretched out. He ignored the people cheering for him, even his teammates and coach; he was intent on winning and needed to get in his zone. He rolled his shoulders, whipped his arms back and forth, and warmed up his legs. Just as he was about to remove his headphones to dip in the pool, Alec felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, pulling the bud from his ear. “Yeah?”

A tall young man with wavy light brown hair was smiling, extending his hand. “I’m Matt Guthrie.”

Raising an eyebrow, the blond took the hand speculatively, then shook it nicely. Sure, the other was his competition but he was still a human being deserving of respect. “Hey, man. Alec Gunnarsson. Heard a lot about you.”

Matt smiled brightly. “Yeah, me too. I really look up to you. You’re so strong on the 400 relay. I’m hoping to get in that race for the Nationals.”

The admiration in his voice and the blush on his cheeks made Alec grin inwardly, seeing his competitor with less animosity. “Thanks, Matt. Good luck today.” He smiled broadly, detailing his adversary; Matt was tall, his arms long and lean, but he was thin, almost scrawny. Alec could’ve been overly confident seeing that but he’d heard about Matt’s exploits throughout the competition; there was no way he would take the man’s appearance for granted. Looking at him a little more intently, the blond even found his rival handsome with his polished cheekbones and sparkling blue eyes, enough that he wondered if they batted for the same team.

A bell rang out, signaling the imminent start of the race. Alec went to his corridor, put down his iPod, and removed his clothes. Dipping in the pool, he wet his hair and body, then climbed out, putting his cap and his goggles in place. As he glanced sideways, he noticed the swimmer in the next corridor was Matt. Groaning softly, Alec found Matt even more attractive with only his speedos on. He winked at his competitor and focused on his own aisle, getting into position. He wouldn’t let himself get distracted by a cute guy.

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About Love of the Game

Love of the Game will knock you out with a one, two, punch of super sexy. From rugby players who can’t leave their passion on the pitch to Paralympians with everything to prove, these athletes are certainly playing for keeps.

Warm yourself up with stories of:

  • Football: Where college stars and former NFL hopefuls are ready to go long.
  • MMA Fights: Where participants get rough, and tumble both inside the ring and out.
  • Baseball: Where the boys of summer can score by making it big or completely striking out.
  • Swimming: Where diving into bed with teammates or rivals is taboo, but oh so tempting.

…And so much more. Whatever sport you’re a fan of, Love of the Game is certain to make you sweat.

Love of the Game is edited by Harley Easton and features stories by Gregory L. Norris, Jordan Monroe, SB Wolfe, Hannah Lockhardt, Val Prozorova, Rebecca Chase, Megan McFerren, Josie Jordan, CM Peters, Torrance Sené and Annabeth Leong.

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About CM Peters

CM Peters is a professional in her thirties, working in communications. She hails from Québec, is of French & Scottish descent…so makes you wonder about her temper! She writes in her spare time, though hopes to write professionally in the near future. She wrote fanfiction for some time (still does on occasion) and is now working on her first series. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

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