Before the Slaughter

Before the Slaughter by Rebecca Chase

Before the Slaughter by Rebecca Chase

Eshmay is tasked with fulfilling the fantasies and desires of death-row inmates on the planet Heldos. Skilled in seduction, she must offer them one final night of pleasure, before they’re sent to Slaughter for their crimes. She’s their counsellor, confidant and giver yet ever-conscious of the number one law of being a Heterate: you don’t fall in love with a prisoner. The punishment? Death.

Highly-trained and sought-after for her beauty and skills in pleasuring all species, she’s never known sex and seduction to be more than a job. Until she meets Timosh, a Human Barva, falsely imprisoned for treason. His stays of execution allow them time to explore each other. Body, mind and soul.

Her swaggering superior Eli knows something is afoot but even his admonishments aren’t enough. Will Eshmay risk everything she’s ever known, and put her own life on the line, for love?

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