The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game by The Kinky Brits

In the interests of trying to make Charlie lose yet another bet, Anna decided to bet Charlie to the 2015 June Spanking A to Z Blog Challenge…

“26 blog posts, one per day in June each starting with a new letter of the alphabet i.e. we’d have to start tomorrow. You up for it? We need to agree a min. word limit and the penalty ;)”

Charlie naively agreed and they swapped word lists. Anna was evil in the words she gave Charlie; he was not impressed: Volvo? Liposuction? And what the hell is ‘Zoochorous’?

Joined in some of the letters by Lola Sparkles, take a journey through a sometimes grotesque, and sometimes damn sexy, erotic landscape as The Kinky Brits tackle tricky topics such as norovirus, the Goblin King and slugs. If that’s not to your taste ahem, you may find that Anna’s mini-series of a couple exploring their new found kinky sexuality, or Charlie’s tale of jousting in the dark, tickles your fancy more.

In this exciting new anthology of 56 pieces of flash fiction, Anna Sky, Charlie J Forrest and Lola Sparkles prove they can manage the challenge (mostly). But can you handle it?

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