Call for Submissions: Corrupted

Corrupted edited by Charlie Powell


Edited by Charlie Powell

Submission Deadline: 2nd May 2017
Word Count: 2500-4,000
Heat Level: Any, but explicit content required

Since the beginning of time, everything that has promised to liberate women has also been accused of corrupting them. Think suffrage, trousers, the pill, the internet, feminism, learning to drive, owning a house, having a bank account, working… Or, more recently, alcohol consumption and selfie culture.

I’m looking for fresh and sexy takes on these issues, along with anything else that women have been criticised for doing.

Your story can have any number of people or pairings. Contemporary stories are preferred, but I’ll consider excellent historical tales, too. Most importantly, I want real characters covering a whole range of genders, abilities, sexualities, sizes and races. I’d much rather have interesting characters than perfect ones

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Your story can be as vanilla or kinky as you like, but happy endings are NOT required.

The following are NOT PERMITTED:

  • No incest, underage participants, abuse or dubcon
  • No bestiality or necrophilia
  • No excrement play

Submit your original stories to with the subject “Corrupted Anthology” by 2nd May 2017. Microsoft Word .doc or .docx files only, 12pt Times New Roman.


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