Eroticon 2017 Virtual Meet and Greet

NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

Anna Sky @iamannasky but I also tweet as Sexy Little Pages and Resonance Press

What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017?

I love coming to Eroticon! At my first one, I shook with nerves as Mr Sky dropped me off and had a head full of ‘imposter syndrome.’ Molly greeted me at the front desk and I never looked back! Eroticon is wonderful – full of amazing people, some of who I now know personally, others who I only know as an avatar online so would love to get to know ‘in real life.’ I know there are ambassadors this year to help people who are a little bit shy or nervous and I think that’s a great idea as it really will help everyone get the most out an incredible weekend.

Professionally, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to set up Sexy Little Pages (and now Resonance Press) without events such as Eroticon and now I see it as a chance to network, greet old friends, make new ones and just have a fabulous time. That’s the joy of loving what I do: it’s not work!

This years schedule at Eroticon is pretty full on but which 4 sessions do you already have marked down as ones you want to attend?

Obviously (and with a cheeky plug), I’m going to go to my own talk on “Getting your Work into Print.” If you’re a sex blogger, writer or just interested in the process, I’ll be talking about how I got the Eroticon Anthology to print and some of my shortcuts, obstacles and more. And if you have questions or topics that you’d like me to cover, just let me know.

I’m a plotter rather than a pantser, so have already worked out my schedule. I’m very excited about EVERY session but it is really difficult to choose and I know that whatever I do attend, I’ll regret missing others.

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When I submitted my talk proposal, I did state that I would only do it if guaranteed not to clash with Malin James! However, I’m gutted that means I can’t attend Myles’ session, so I may just have to toss a coin on that decision.

I did go to a talk by Meg-John Barker a few years back at NineWorlds and that opened my eyes to thinking about sex, gender and identity so I’m really looking forward to their talk.

I’ve missed Ashley Lister’s session for the last couple of years so he’s “on my list” 😉

And I can’t not mention Rachel Kincaid’s workshop as her writing is shocking, beautiful and poetic and I want to know all of her secrets!

Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know?

I love coffee but I really shouldn’t drink it after midday… I tend to go a bit loopy!

If you made the papers, what would the headline be?

Woman spends hours choosing a headline, fails.

If you could have one skill for free (i.e. without practice/time/effort) what would it be?

Being able to work at double speed! Or perhaps being able to survive on far fewer than 10 hours sleep a night; my chronic fatigue means I need far more sleep than most people to be able to reasonably pass as human. Either skill would be good as they’d both give me far more time in the day!

Complete the sentence: I love it when…

… someone plonks a glass of wine in my hand!

… people introduce themselves to me at Eroticon because I’m shyer than I appear.

7 thoughts on “Eroticon 2017 Virtual Meet and Greet

  1. Ohhh I am a bit of a 10 hour sleep person too. Always have been, I can cope on less but only for short periods of time.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into the fabulous anthology. We are so delighted with it and hope that this will become an annual part of eroticon


    • I know I’ll need to sleep for a week after but it’ll be such good fun! And you, Michael and GOTN have worked so hard to make Eroticon happen, so I’m guessing you’ll all need about a week of sleep after too!

  2. A lovely introduction and looking at all the retweets for identity it will do extremely well and I love the positivity it brings. I am interested that Eroticon provided confidence, that is great for us to read who are slightly nervous (although I don’t know why). I am not interested in getting into print so will be an interested in the process person, but you sound so lovely, helpful and great I want to meet you and look forward to it and I have a feeling you are very inspiring. x

    • I’ll be at the meet and greet on Friday night, so we should say hello, then I’m another face you’ll recognise over the weekend 🙂

  3. Ohhhhh! This “Being able to work at double speed! ” I would like this too! I have often thought that one of the benefits of time travel would be that I could essentially do twice as much work because I could turn back time at the end of the day and get another eight hours in. which is bad because, you know, there are loads more fun things to do!

    The anthology is so incredible, am re-reading some of the stories at the moment and it’s gorgeous! One of my Eroticon missions is to try and get signatures from everyone whose work features inside…

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