Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions here, from submission requirements for short story collections through to our other services such as formatting & websites.

We are still building the FAQ section, so if you can’t see the answer to your question, please get in touch.



Do You Offer Upfront Payments?

Not at the moment; we’re still far too new to be able to afford to!

However it’s important to us that we recognise our writers and as we grow, we’ll offer our authors an upfront payment in addition to ongoing royalties.

Last edited: 13th January 2016

How Do I Get Paid?

If you’re in the UK, we like to pay by BACS – it’s free for both of us and really quick!

If you’re elsewhere in the world, we offer payment by PayPal (you’ll have to pay their standard fees) or if you’d rather, Google Wallet, which attracts no fees.

Last edited: 19th January 2016

What is the Minimum Payment Threshold?

We’re a small-scale publisher and as such, can afford to payout at lower thresholds than some of the larger publishers out there.

Our current payment threshold is £10, and you’ll be paid in GBP (the good ol’ British pound), as that’s what we’re paid in.

As soon as we’re paid by one of our distributors, we’ll add your share to your pot and let you know of your earnings each month, so you know when you’re going to get a payout.

Last edited: 19th January 2016

What Royalty Split Do You Offer?

In house anthologies: We offer 60% of net royalties, split equally between all authors featured in that particular work, regardless of whether it’s print or digital. So if you’re featured in an anthology with six other authors, you’ll each receive 10%.

Guest editor anthologies: We offer 50% of net royalties, split equally between all authors featured in that particular work, regardless of whether it’s print or digital. So if you’re featured in an anthology with five other authors, you’ll each receive 10%.

To ensure there is a large enough word count for print versions, and to offer good value for money to readers, we generally publish ten authors in an anthology.

Last edited: 13th January 2016


British or American English?

We’re British but understand that a lot of our readers and writers aren’t. As long as your story is consistent in either British or American English, that’s fine by us! We may ask you to clarify an occasional phrase… boneless, for example isn’t used in the UK.

Last Edited: 21st January 2016

Do You Accept Unsolicited Submissions? Are There Any Fees?

Yes we do take unsolicited submissions but due to time constraints, we can’t accept everything.

Please see our general submission guidelines in this FAQ to see what we will and won’t accept, and then send us an email with your proposal – no need to attach any of your work just yet!

If we accept your work, it’ll be on our standard two-year contract and payment terms, and there are no upfront fees – we absorb the cost of layout and distribution etc… in our 40% royalty share.

We’ll keep you informed of sales and royalties and help promote your work via our social media channels and sister websites; for heavier promotion such as organising guest blog posts, this is down to you.

Last Edited: 19th January 2016

Do You Proofread and Edit My Work?

We like to keep costs down, to pass on as high a royalty as possible to you. For that reason, whilst we will correct any obvious spelling mistakes (should they exist), we ask that you ensure the work you submit is proofread and edited i.e. the most polished it can possibly be.

It is hard to edit and proof your own work, so at a miminum, please ensure there are no squiggly underlines after running your word processor’s spellcheck; you can also try the free Hemingway Editor and After the Deadline.

If you wish to hire an erotica-friendly editor or proofreader, we recommend:

Last Edited: 21st January 2016

How Do I Anonymise My Work Before I Send It?

When you submit your work to us we don’t need to know who you are, other than a pen name, until we’re ready to sign contracts. Of course if you want to share that information, go ahead but otherwise we’re cool with it.

And don’t forget that your word processor can tell us a lot about you too. If you use Microsoft Word, here’s how to anonymise the document for Word 2007 and 2010, and versions 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003.

Last Edited: 5th April 2016

How Do I Submit My Work to You?

We accept submissions by email to hellosexylittlepagescom.

Please give us a word count, brief description and your pen name in the email. If it’s for a particular anthology, please let us know which one, otherwise mention that it’s an unsolicited work.

And don’t forget to attach your work as a doc or docx document. If you don’t use Microsoft office, you can convert your file to a suitable format using a service such as Zamzar.

Last Edited: 19th January 2016

How Do You Select Stories For Your Anthologies?

If you’ve submitted a story to us, you’ll have received an acknowledgement mentioning a ‘blind read’. We feel it’s the fairest way to choose what goes into an anthology and means we can’t be accused of favouritism!

Once the deadline has passed, we strip all the submitted files of personal details and are standardised (you did submit in 12pt Times New Roman, right?) to all look the same.

Then, over the course of the next few days, the stories are read, argued about (if necessary) and voted on by Emma / Anna and two other beta-readers. We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve reached a decision!

We do have anthologies run by guest editors. They may or not have a blind read process, but still look for well-written, diverse stories that will complement each other in a collection.

Last Edited: 19th May 2017

What Are Your Submission Requirements?

Other than ensuring that you meet our basic request for a word count, quick précis and pen name and remember to attach a doc or docx formatted in 12pt Times New Roman?

We want sex-positive stories, generally in the range of 4000-6000 words. If your story is much longer or shorter than this, please get in touch just to double check, but we’d rather have quality than quantity.

We’re not necessarily looking for a ‘happy ever after’ (HEA) or even a ‘happy for now’ (HFN) – sure they’re great, but life doesn’t always give us happy ever afters and we want to reflect the diversity that is human nature.

We’d rather you gave us believable plot and characters; flawed people that still evoke an emotion. And that means diversity: sexualities, genders, abilities and desires.

HOWEVER, we do have to put some restrictions in place – whilst we understand that everyone has the right to their fantasies in their head, we have to say no to: paedophilia, necrophilia*, incest or pseudo-incest, gratuitous violence, bestiality** or recognisable fan fic.

We will consider stories containing heavier BDSM or consensual non-consent, but please read the following (yes, it’s about UK regulation on video, but it has ramifications for publishing too): The Following Content is Not Acceptable.

* The undead are welcome, of course
** Usual shifter rules apply

Guest edited anthologies: guest editors may have slightly different requirements/word counts. Please do read the call carefully.

Last Edited: 19th May 2017


How Do I Sign Contracts With You?

Paperwork sucks, we all know this! We use a company called Inkdit for all our contracts – you’ll be sent a link and asked to fill in the relevant information, including digitally signing the document.

You’ll be able to download a copy for your records, and we’ll be notified that you’ve signed and keep a corresponding digital copy at our end.

Last Edited: 20th January 2016

How Long Are Your Contracts For?

We ask for an eighteen month exclusive contract for your work. We feel this is long enough that it’s financially suitable for us, but short enough that you won’t have to completely rework it to bring it up to date!

Last Edited: 15th February 2016

What Contractual Rights Do You Ask For?

We prefer first rights to any story however, we can be flexible if the story has been published previously – just let us know.

We also ask for exclusive rights – if your story is already published on your website for example, we want you to remove it. If you are unable to remove it, please do rework the story to an acceptable extent, giving us the link to the published version so we can compare.

We want the English rights for print and digital/electronic. By the latter we mean that we can publish it as an eBook in a variety of formats and if we wish, also use it for audiobooks.

Last Edited: 20th January 2016


How Do Your Charity Anthologies Work?

Once we have agreed a theme and working title, we treat it pretty much like one of our own anthologies. We’ll put out the call for submissions, involve you in the blind-read story selection and we’ll do all the author paperwork and anthology production.

Once published, we ask that you promote it – it’s how you raise funds from the anthology, it’s only fair to the authors who have contributed their stories and to us, to compensate us for our time.

If you don’t wish your charity to be associated with erotica, this probably isn’t the option for you!

Last Edited: 20th January 2016

I Have an Idea for an Anthology

For writers who want to write, or have already written, their own collection of short stories, or think their idea would make a great multi-author story collection.

For editors who want to edit and produce their own erotica anthology, and let us do the publishing and author payments and contracts.

Please get in touch!

Last Edited: 20th January 2016

Why Don’t You Use Your Own ISBNs?

To help keep our running costs low, and to pay our authors a higher royalty, we decided not to buy and use ISBNs. In the UK the initial pack of ten is just under £150, which is money we felt could be better used elsewhere.

So, we use CreateSpace for print and they provide us with a free ISBN. It technically means that CreateSpace is the publisher but it’s not detrimental to sales, just ask Hugh Howey!

For digital, KDP give us an ASIN and we use distribution platforms such as Smashwords and Draft2Digital who also provide a free ISBN, allowing our books to appear on iTunes, Barnes and Noble and more.

Last Edited: 20th January 2016