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Guest post by Zak Jane Keir

“YKINMKBTO”. Your Kink Is Not My Kink But That’s Okay. We’ve come some distance from the days where people worried a lot about whether their particular sexual preferences were normal or not. BDSM is no longer classified as a mental illness and it surely won’t be that long before they’re selling buttplugs in Sainsbury’s. Far more people are now basically OK with the idea of a little bondage or spanking, high heels, corsets or latex when it comes to (excuse the tabloidese) ‘spicing up your sex life’. But it really doesn’t take a great deal of Googling to discover a whole world (or series of worlds) where people are aroused by inanimate objects, bodily functions not usually considered as erotic, or complicated concepts that someone else might not even understand, let alone get sticky over.

When I put out the submissions call for Rule 34 I did wonder what might show up in my inbox over the following months. ‘Weird’ erotica is not a totally new concept: there was the big Dinosaur Porn fuss a couple of years ago and, of course, Dr Chuck Tingle. (We’ll leave lovely Chuck aside, wonder of nature that he is: he’s in a category of his own). Previously, though, most of the tales of unusual fetishes I had ever encountered had been written by the people utterly hooked on their own niche kink and, as such, they were simply not very good stories. Either the writing was atrocious, or the 5000-word descriptions of dinner ladies in tinsel wigs and false noses playing volleyball while whistling Build Me Up Buttercup kind of… wouldn’t really do it for a larger audience, because nothing happened other than the setting up of the scenario so thrilling to the author in question.

I didn’t get very much at all in the way of monomania or shit writing. What I got were wonderful, diverse, eye-opening stories – many more than I could actually use. Guest editing any anthology is a great way of seeing for yourself just how much originality and creativity there is in erotica, despite people who have never read any claiming that it’s ‘all the same and that’s why I don’t bother with it.’

Yes, there’s a fair bit of WTF-ery when you look at some of the promo for this anthology: church bells, photocopiers, cake frosting, skeletons, arsonists and, yes, tripe, but all the stories work as stories. They’re about desire, and yearning, and passion, and shame, and anxiety: a common theme is the protagonist concerned about a potential lover’s reaction to the specific kink. They’re about the thrill of finding the people who just somehow get you. They’re about discovering the almost unlimited possibilities of what our minds and bodies are capable of in the pursuit of pleasure. Some stories feature cishet protagonists, others involve LGBTQ desire. The reason the selected stories work is because, whatever the protagonists’ particular preference, the descriptions of their joy and excitement and mind-blowing orgasms resonate with the reader.

And they’re about tripe, arsonists, skeletons, cake frosting, photocopiers, church bells and much more.

Rule 34 is out now on Amazon, iTunes and more.

Rule 34 Cover

Rule 34: if it exists, someone’s kinky for it.

Away from those high-end fetish clubs, alpha billionaires and join-the-dots BDSM ‘journeys’, there are almost limitless possibilities for the erotic imagination. Rule 34 contains ten very different stories of uncommon desires and strange, lustful obsessions. Some are delicious, some will unsettle you, some might even make you cry.

There’s a sexy skeleton, a dominatrix dentist, an innovative method of combining two incompatible fetishes, an office affair with a difference, and many more surprises inside. If you’ve ever had a fantasy too surreal to share with anyone else, you are definitely not alone. Take a walk on the weird side: you won’t regret it.

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