Smashwords and Speling Misteaks


Smashwords is another distribution platform for your ebooks. Similar to Draft2Digital, they will push your book out to various different retailers in return for a small commission.

For single-author books, they’re easy to work with and will assign one of their ISBNs to your work (unless you supply one), saving you the cost and allowing your book to be published on iTunes and more.

You have to format to their specifications and like KDP have their guidelines on how to get your work through their “meatgrinder”. Yes, it’s really called that! Reading and formatting to their guidelines will save you a lot of time and sanity, so it’s worth the effort.

Smashwords also allow you to create coupons, including those for 100% off, great for review copies and prize winners. It would be nice to have them limited by the number of uses too, but you can’t have everything!

Speling Misteaks

Everyone makes mistakes but the more polished your work is, the more likely your submissions will be accepted and/or the less work a proofreader or editor will have to do. Furthermore, if your published work has mistakes, you run the risk of getting poor reviews.

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We discussed ways to proof your own work in an earlier post, but if you know that you make particular mistakes regularly, keep track of them in a notebook and double-check your manuscript/typescript. The same goes for words you tend to overuse – if you keep a record, you can go through and reduce repetition.

The more you get to know and recognise your strengths and weaknesses as an author, the quicker you can adjust the issues and spend more time writing; the more you write, the better you get.

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4 thoughts on “Smashwords and Speling Misteaks

  1. Good tips. I have a list somewhere of overused or weak words that I search for manually when I am editing. Well, not exactly manually – I enter them into the Find feature. But there are also some wp programs with grammar tools that highlight when you have overused words and do even more of that work for you.

    • I’ve seen and tried a few of those tools but found if I overused them, my voice started disappearing, so do everything manually now. And the search and replace is a great idea – as long as you do it correctly, when you’ve managed to partially replace the wrong words too… argh!


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