Growth, Part One: Support Us on Patreon

Sexy Little Pages has grown at a phenomenal rate and we’re truly humbled but we can’t continue to grow and support our authors without your help. We want to continue publishing stories that break through the heteronorm and reflect the needs and desires of so many of us more accurately, whether that’s kink, sexuality, disability, gender, age, size, colour etc… or a glorious combination of these.

Since January, we’ve signed up over 40 authors, had thirteen releases and have six more definitely underway, with plans for at least that many more again.

We’re not taking it lying down – in the next few months we’re opening our own online shop; we’ve spent time finding erotica-friendly payment processors and e-commerce solutions to help with awkward administration like EU Digital VAT. We’re communicating regularly with our authors and if we get feedback, we act on it.

But it’s time to pay our authors more for their content and to do that, we need to raise money. The plan is three-fold. First, we need to pay for ISBNs and distribution channels for our paperbacks – that will get us into more retailers and help us get our name out there. Second, we want to increase our marketing efforts. To do that, we need people who understand the industry and like our authors, good work needs to be paid for.


Finally, we want to offer our authors more money for their craft. We’re a royalty share publisher and we’ve got an extraordinarily loyal and talented number of writers who submit their work to us. By finding other routes to raise money, we can offer these wonderful people more.

You can support us from just $1 per month… that puts your name (or pen name or business name, if you prefer) on our supporters page. Higher rewards unlock new releases and social media shoutouts. So, we’d really appreciate it if you support Sexy Little Pages on Patreon so we can continue to publish awesome books.

Support us on Patreon


2 thoughts on “Growth, Part One: Support Us on Patreon

    • Thank you! We would totally love to continue what we’re doing – there are so many false barriers such as age and ability and we want to keep breaking those down.

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